Our company has been working in the steel hot stamping business for 50 years, gaining considerable experience in the working of all types of steel including particularly difficult materials such as titanium, stainless steels, the superalloys NITRONIC INCONEL, MONEL, NIMONIC and recently aluminium alloys as well.
5000 m² of our 10000 m² site are covered and constitute the factory where 50 people work.

We have numerous rocker arm presses of up to 3500 tons which, combined with open or die electric upsetters of up to 400 kW or induction heaters of up to 1000 kW, are able to meet and solve many of the increasingly sophisticated requirements of our customers – we can deform various parts and electro upset parts with base diameters from 4 to 100 cm; we can perform pressure forming up to 1.5 metres vertically and up to 2.5 metres horizontally and electro-pressing with partial deformation up to a diameter of 350 and weight up to 450 kg.

Furthermore we are able to carry out mechanical operations both numerically controlled (7 CNC lathes, 2 pallet changers in a 400×400×600 work area) or traditional (boring, milling, rolling and tapping) avoiding the intermediary stages between the forge and the final customer.
The quality and characteristics of electro-pressed parts – fatigue and shock resistance and outstanding structural coherence – make them ideally suited and the only solution for an endless number of applications: engine cardan joints, shafts, gears, pinions, connecting rods, flanges, special screws or any other customer-designed part in steel or aluminium that can be hot-pressed.
Our production process has been certified ISO9000 since 1993. Of course we are able to provide product certificates of non-destructive tests (ultrasonics, electromagnetic testing, and dye penetrating inspection) and all types of mechanical and chemical tests.

Our major customers are the leading suppliers to the largest global manufacturers of automobiles, industrial and earth-moving vehicles, manufacturers of gears, textile machinery, motorcycles, components and spare parts, special screws for electrical connectors, railway construction safety components, valve manufacturers for the petrochemical and internal combustion engine markets and many more. We supply pinions to both Italian and foreign manufacturers of special gearboxes for wind turbines.
We are also equipping ourselves and specialising in specialist structural steelwork and assembly.

We would also be happy to meet you at our works or at your site in order to develop interesting collaborations.

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